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Ocular 2mm Gonioprism Lens

Ocular 2mm Gonioprism Lens
Ocular 2mm Gonioprism Lens Ocular 2mm Gonioprism Lens
Brand: Ocular Instruments
Product Code: OGP2
Price: $378.00
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Product Code: OGP2
Contact Diameter: 2mm
Lens Height: 8.6mm
Journal Reference: Molecular Vision 2000, Vol. 8, pp. 26-31, February 2002

Allows non-invasive visualization of the structures of the anterior chamber angle, including Schlemm’s canal, trabecular meshwork, iris and anterior surface of the peripheral ciliary body. Designed for mice and rats but can be used to examine other animals. Excellent for goniophotography. High quality magnified views of the optic nerve, retinal vessels and posterior retina are easily obtained. Also available with a handle.
| 1 reviews
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