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To request service/part, please email us at with answers on 2 questions below:

1. Indicate the problem (leave blank if not in list):

If you are having problems with this unit, please refer to the appropriate sections of this manual. Most service calls result from a misinterpretation of the operation of the instrument, as described in the manual.





Device will not turn on


Dead batteries

Replace batteries

See section 16

Device screen is blank


In Sleep Mode

Press the PWR button

See section 9.3

Screen is on, but will not take measurement.


In Standby Mode (indicated by blinking black cursor in upper left-hand corner)

Press the PWR button

See section 9.2

‘Plug In Probe’ Message on screen

Probe is wet or has a residue on it

Dry probe

See section 17.1 and 7.4

‘Check Probe’ message on startup.

Probe is wet or has a residue on it

Dry probe

See section 17.1 and 7.3

Will not initiate CalBox mode


While device is off, hold down the DEL key and press the PWR key

Device starts in CalBox mode

See section 8

Black boxes across the top half of the screen


1. Bad battery contact

2. Dead batteries

1. Clean battery contacts

2. Replace batteries

    See section 16

Slow measurement cycle



1. Dented/scratched probe 



2. ‘Auto Rep Delay’


1. Replace probe. Contact

    DGH Technology.

    See section 19

2. Adjust configuration

     See section 13.2.3

Cannot send files to PC/printer



1. Bluetooth not enabled


2. Devices not paired


3. COM settings incorrect

1. Enable Bluetooth module

See section 14.1

2. Pair devices

See section 14.2 and 14.4

3. Adjust COM settings

See section 15.5.3

‘Remote Device Not Found’ error message when attempting to send measurements to the software



Pairing not established

Pair devices then add device to the software’s device list.

See section 14.4 and 15.4


Cannot find correct device on the Pachmate 2 when trying to export/print measurements



Pairing not established

Clear all pairing and re-pair with preferred device.

See section 14.9 regarding clearing

See section 14.3 and 14.4 regarding pairing


2. Model and SN

When contacting for service/ part replacement please make note of the model and serial number for the unit and probe.

Viewing Model and Serial Number

The model number and serial number are located on the back of the unit’s plastic housing and can be viewed by removing the protective holster. This information can also be viewed on the device display by pressing and holding the CFG key while the unit is on.

The probe serial number is engraved on the side of the probe. Please type the model / number or attach the images with clearly visible Model and SN.

We will reply same day. Thank you!

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