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Ultrasonic Pachymeters and Scans

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DGH 6000 A-Scan Scanmate A
Meet the future of ultrasound biometry, the DGH 6000 A-Scan Scanmate A (portable USB A-Scan). ..
DGH 8000 B-Scan Scanmate
Check our special price. Use coupon: BSCAN during checkout. The DGH Technology, Inc. Scanmate B..
DGH Portable Desktop Pachymeter Pachette 4
The DGH 555B Ultrasonic Pachymeter (Pachette 4) is a portable, battery operated, ultrasonic device t..
DGH-55B Pachmate 2
The DGH 55B Ultrasonic Pachymeter (Pachmate 2) is a handheld, battery operated, ultrasonic device th..
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