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Idrees MidVitreous Lens

Idrees MidVitreous Lens
Brand: Volk Optical
Product Code: VIMV
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Primary Application:

Direct image, high-resolution contact lens intended for laser treatment of vitreous floaters.

Features & Benefits:

Typically involving a nano-pulsed YAG laser, the Volk Idrees MidVitreous Lens is specifically designed to target vitreous strands and opacities in the central mid-vitreous. This lens provides the highest resolution and most superior fousing ability of any commercially available vitreolysis lens, which results in a reduction in the laser energy required to acheive the desired result.

  • Superior ability to focus on vitreous floaters allows for the use of less laser energy, making the treatment safer for patient.

  • Tall lens body allows for easy manipulation within the orbit., and is the preferred lens for patients with deep set eyes.

  • Flanged contact element provides stability for laser delivery and prevents patient squeezing the lens off the eye.

Designed in collaboration with Dr. Mohammed Idrees, MD of the Saudi German Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Comes with a single lens case.

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